Some parents from my daughter’s high school have started a petition to get the government to let them practice their instruments. 


I love me some autumn on this island. Gorgeous!

On the beach today. Will I do the Glenkiln loop? Maybe. Listening to #somefriendly for the 30th anniversary.

Walking the dogs on a beautiful day on the Isle of Arran.

I’m going through my old web log at and have started the process of revitalising it. There’s actually some good stuff on there!

When is Apple going to make it NOT a pain the arse to move icons to the home screen? I mean come on - it’s brutal.

I wonder if this could give me back that community feeling that I had when I used to post at Six Apart’s Those were good times.

I’m gonna give this micro blogging a whirl. I just wish I could change the URL to instead of my full name, but no biggie.