I was so excited to get my new inline skates today, but the cuff is right on my scar tissue so back they go. I’ve been researching skates all night tonight, looking for a lower cuff. Hockey boots maybe?

A much nicer day on Arran today. I haven’t been up to these woods in a while and it did my soul good.

Is there a way of posting photos to micro.blog from Lightroom Mobile using the share sheet? I just tried it and got null in a Markdown syntax link.

Time for Q&A as part of August Bradley’s PPV with Notion course.

Another really wet day on Arran. Looks like the water board had been out cutting the gorse back on the roadside.

Nothing quite inspires my photography like a holiday. I took these in Cornwall earlier in the month and got the prints done by Mixtiles as gifts for my daughter and her boyfriend.

My birthday present arrived! Okay, so it’s a week late, but that’s okay. I’m off to bed now for some reading time!

This morning’s dog walk in Lamlash. Pretty wet out there!

The view out my kitchen window where I stand and wash dishes.

My daughter left her favourite pen on the ferry back to school. So time to import another Pink Jetstream 3 in 1 from Japan.

Dog walk time. Try telling them that the clocks have shifted. Ha ha.

Dochka’s doing an audition for the National Youth Orchestra of Scotland. Good luck, Wee Beastie!

I’m enjoying the Incomparable dissection of Ted Lasso. Hearing ‘premier league’ pronounced the American way by host Jason Snell summarises the show nicely!

This time shifting pish get more and more annoying. Oh, but think of the farmers! They don’t have electric lights obviously

I just listened to Soundtracking with Edith Bowman’s interviewing Ben Wheatley about the new Rebecca movie that just hit Netflix. Clint Mansell scored it and I’m listening now on Spotify. It’s very good. www.edithbowman.com/soundtrac…

I’m reading the Russian alongside. Boy is my Russian rusty though. I don’t think I’d get through it without the translation any more.

I chose Anna Karenina as my holiday book last week and I’m enjoying rereading it rather a lot. And yes, that is a Backyard BMX shop sticker as my bookmark!

I was wondering how to find nice people to follow. Then my birthday came and some nice people wished me happy birthday. So I have some followed nice people now! Thanks everyone.

A screen cap from the Yet Another Course I started on Monday. This one might just be The One! August Bradley is teaching Systems Thinking using Notion.