It doesn’t matter what I say, you’ll go ahead and do it anyway. #mbnov

I moved to the UK from Luxembourg in 2008 to be near my elderly parents as they were in poor health. They’re gone now, but my wife’s are now in that same position in Cornwall. Do we move again? #mbnov

Okay, time to force myself to do some video editing coursework. Got to keep moving that needle! #mbnov

Heading down to the Co-op for milk. This is my road.

I love it when luthier Rosie Heydenrych of Turnstone Guitars uses sustainable English woods to bind her guitars. Her instruments are utterly delightful and I’m tempted to buy one! @turnstoneguitar #mbnov

I wonder if the inflated Bitcoin price will start to drop further now that it’s gone back below $15k?

#mbnov ✍

It’s time to ink up my Platinum 3776 with some Diamine Bilberry. It’s a great combo!

The Mission FZ-5 skates arrived today and the toe box does not have enough height clearance for my accident foot. I was so excited too. Back to the internet for more research.

Nick Harper’s new album dropped today. It’s fantastic! Nick is a huge hero of mine - as indy musicians he mist be one of the hardest working. This was put out by crowdfunding. He has a small but loyal following.

It’s puzzling to me that the UNITED States of America can be so divided when it comes to politics. Maybe the country is just too big for unity. I mean look how divided the UK is and we’re a tiny country! #mbnov ✍

My 49” LG Ultrawide just crapped out on me. Let’s see how good there support is then. I bought it in July.

A cold day on Arran. Nice though. I love the autumn here above all other seasons. No more midges!

Stoop? That’s a hard one. I mean I could stoop to your level, but I always said I wouldn’t do that. So I will continue trying to define my value goals and keep on track, okay?

Is it weird that the first thing that sprang to mind when I saw that today’s word for #mbnov was ‘near’ was the Count from Sesame Street? He did a ‘near’ and ‘far’ sketch.

I’ve been on for a few weeks and am really enjoying it. It reminds me of when I first started writing on the old Vox platform of Six Apart’s: nice people, good content, not overwhelming to keep up. There’s a really nice vibe.

This is great so far. For instance, I just learned that NREM sleep moves memory data away from bad sectors like SpinRite does for hard drives.

‘You’ll never make it to school on time’ ‘Yes I will!’ ‘You will? Go on then. Astonish me!’

Truth be told, I won’t know if he did till he gets home this afternoon. Wanna place bets?


I just woke from a drinking dream. I’m sober now 15 years and I get these dreams from time to time. In this one I was drinking Foster’s. I mean come on. Foster’s? Seriously?

We were debating yesterday over breakfast whether orange juice from concentrate is necessarily a poorer choice that freshly squeezed. Naturally my mind took me to Trading Places. #mbnov ✍️

Today I will be paleo and avoid sugar and carbs.

We had such a good time in Cornwall in October.

This has reminded me that we used to say of one of our friends as teenagers that he was as dreary as a Sunday. 30 years later we’re still friends.

#mbnov ✍️

Today I will be recording with my SCGC Vintage Artist. I’ve not played this one in a while and I’m really excited!