Ali’s Part Time YouTuber Academy course is a good way to reinforce a lot of what I already knew but wasn’t applying, and adding a lot of things I didn’t already know. It’s costing me a fortune in Kindle books too lol. #mbnov

I remember when the concept of pedestrian precincts on UK high streets was new. Now they’re kinda empty and we have ‘retail parks’ instead. It’s all getting very American. #mbnov

My son gets away with not wearing a mask at school because of his hidden disability. The school is very supportive of him and we are so grateful for that. #mbnov

Should I fork out for the expensive Sennheiser 416 mic or go lower budget? What a dilemma. #mbnov

I need to adjust to getting up for the 8am power hour zoom calls for the Part-time YouTube Academy course. So far it’s going pretty well. I haven’t missed one yet in almost two full weeks! #mbnov

The power hour Zoom calls at 8am with the Part Time YouTube Academy crew are such a good start to the day. #mbnov

I had amateur vision until I got my prescription updated earlier this year. Now I have provision. Sorry November writing people!  🤓 #mbnov

The way that Svetlana Alexievich has captured the moment in time when communism collapsed in her book Secondhand Time is incredible. Such brutal and vivid stories. It’s the most captivating book I’ve read this year. #mbnov

With the two online courses I’m doing right now, I feel like I’m on the border of actually beginning to find what I want to be doing with my life. It’s so exciting!

I don’t dread winter any more since I sold my post office last year. Working there in November and especially December was an absolute nightmare, followed by two months with barely any sales at all. #mbnov

I’ve come to the conclusion that my year spent building a social media consulting business wasn’t entirely a waste of time, but I’ve learned that it’s not really what I want to do at all. I shall let it fade away and shut down all those socials and the website. #mbnov

I’m studying Davinci Resolve right now and wondering whether to upgrade to 17 beta or wait until it goes primetime. I love how you can preview titles in 17. That alone is a gamechanger!

It’s just possible that I’ve found my niche for YouTube in week one of Ali Abdaal’s Part Time YouTuber Academy course! #mbnov

I just said the word dependence in my head so many times that I reached semantic satiation. How am I supposed to come up with a post now? Oh, wait… I just did! #mbnov

I’m rereading Anna Karenina for the first time since 1993, my first year at St Andrews uni. That scene on the train when Anna meets Vronsky for the first time is incredible, and the prophetic death that happens at the station. Wow. #mbnov

Perhaps the most interesting takeaway from Why We Sleep, by Matthew Walker, was the way that sleep and memory are intertwined. You get one chance only for REM sleep to do hardwire memories. Catching up doesn’t work. #mbnov

I’m pretty far from where I thought I would be when I started planning my freelance life at this time a year ago. I’ve got a far better idea of what I DON’T want to do though, so I suppose that’s good! Clue: social media consulting is not me.

It’s spooky how I always mean to write something as soon as I’ve seen the new word but then get distracted and forget. I’m supposed to be learning systems thinking. I need to systematise this! #mbnov

Well, I guess I won’t be getting my 49” monitor repaired any time soon. LG have said no to a warranty repair and they’re not doing out-of-warranty repairs because of COVID. And my YouTube course starts on Monday. Ugh. #mbnov

The second part of this story came out so I’m rereading the first part and am really enjoying it

20 years ago today I saw Zemfira live in Almaty. I still listen to her a lot.

Did you know that in the west of Scotland ‘to wear’ something means to put up with or accept it? It tends to be used in the present / past continous tense. As in: ‘ah’m just no wearin’ this weather!‘, or ‘He telt me ah’d have to come into work and I wisny wearin’ in at a’. #mbnov

LG just told me they’re not accepting my monitor as a warranty repair because it’s accidental damage. I’m taking it up with the retailer and contemplating sending this video, which is when it happened.… Raging.